Primigi For Change Blue/White Leather Sneaker
Primigi For Change Blue/White Leather Sneaker
Primigi For Change Blue/White Leather Sneaker

Primigi For Change Blue/White Leather Sneaker

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A lovely dark blue leather sneaker with a white heel flash and side detail that is loaded with Italian style from the leading children's clothing and footwear brand Primigi. These casual shoes are made from mainly recycled and sustainable elements. Just think, the leather used to make these shoes could be the same as the leather used for Ferrari car seats!

The two riptape fastenings make this easy to put on and take off and give a great adjustable fit. There is an extra layer of protection across the toes and the on trend white soles are durable and flexible to promote natural foot movement and development. They are mainly composed of recycled material and the lining is also made of 100% chrome free leather with nickel free metal elements and a sustainable cork inner sole. 

The leather recycling process not only diverts off-cuts from landfill, it also reduces water use by 90% and chemical use by 70% compared with the traditional leather tanning process.  The leather from other industries is recycled using a water bonding process that does not use any plastics or glues.

These shoes are packaged in boxes and tissue paper made of entirely recycled paper and cardboard. 

Designed in Italy and made in Primigi owned factories.


You can find help with measuring your child's feet at home and calculating their Primigi size HERE.

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