Why We Choose Cub Rocks Socks

 Sustainable Fashion from Cub Rocks

One of the most effective ways to reduce fashion's environmental footprint is to increase garment lifetimes. Cub Rock's high quality socks are designed in their little Mansfield office and manufactured in a second generation family run company in Turkey who are constantly taking steps towards more sustainable manufacturing.

Sustanable Cotton

The choice to use sustainable cotton in all their socks means it has been produced with the environment in mind, reducing fertiliser and pesticide use and putting soil helath and natural habitats at the forefront of farming decisions. It also means committing to decent working conditions and supporting workers' safety and wellbeing.
Shopping more sustainability means you are choosing quality. Sustainable cotton is strong, resilient and comfortable and soft on the skin.

Bamboo Viscose

Cub Rocks' knee high and ankle school socks are made using bamboo. It is vital that school socks are comfortable and go the miles in the playground and classroom. The viscose in their socks comes from Bamboo pulp, which is soft and naturally breathable keeping feet warm in winter and cool in summer. They are also naturally hypo-allergenic and the perfect choice for kids with sensitive skin or eczma.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and needs only rainwater to grow and thrive - no pesticides or chemical fertilisers. After harvest the plant grows new shoots from its root system so can be grown again and again with minimal harm to the environment. Because it grows with out chemical inputs and evey part of the plant can be used, it is in effect a zero waste product.



To wrap it all up, Cub Rocks uses recyclable and recycled materials at every stage of it's packaging and transporting process where ever possible and uses local sources to minimise their carbon footprint. 

Their sock wraps and hooks are recyclable kraft paper, made from all types of wood pulp and nearly all the chemicals are recovered and re-used it is a near self sustaining manuracturing process.