Foot Measuring Guides And Shoe Size Calculators

How to check your children's shoes and measure their feet;

If the shoes have removable insoles take both of them out and have a look at where the sweat marks of their toes are on both feet.

Follow the instructions below and use the downloadable size gauges, or just a piece of paper and a ruler, to measure both feet. We'd recommend starting with the Start-Rite guide unless you know which brand you want. For first walkers we recommend Bobux.

Children's feet are different sizes and shapes, one size does not fit all and different brands fit differently. If you'd like our help - it's what we're here for - send us a photo of the side and the top view of their feet, a photo of both insoles if they come out of the shoes along with photos of the shoes and the brand and size. Now more than ever we are happy to help with a virtual consultation before and after buying our shoes online.

Our shoes come in UK sizes and European sizes. You can search for the size you are looking for using the filters at the top of the page. This chart converts UK to EU sizes so you can search for both.

Small Shoe Sizes
UK Size EU Size
S 2.5 EU18
S 3 EU 19
S 4 EU 20
S 4.5 EU 21
S 5.5 EU 22
S 6 EU 23
S 7 EU 24
S 7.5 EU 25
S 8.5 EU 26
S 9 EU 27
S 10 EU 28
S 11 EU 29
S 11.5 EU 30
S 12.5 EU 31
S 13 EU 32
Large Shoe Sizes
UK Size EU Size
L 1 EU33
L 2 EU 34
L 2.5 EU 35
L 3.5 EU 36
L 4 EU 37
L 5 EU 38
L 6 EU 39
L 6.5 EU 40
L 7 EU 41
L 8 EU 42
L 9 EU 43
L 9.5 EU 44
L 10 EU 45
L 11 EU 46












How to use Primigi's paper measuring gauge:



First make sure you understand what stage (Step-Up or i-Walk) your child is at to find the right shoe for them.


Use the BOBUX size finder and size conversion charts


How to find the right size using paper and pencil