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Ciberdron Spiderman Light-up Trainer

Ciberdron Spiderman Light-up Trainer

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A cushioned and breathable boy’s light-up trainer with a sporty and dynamic vibe and iconic Mario 3D embelishment. 
Product Details:
athability for the outsole and a feeling of well-being for the foot are guaranteed by geox-patented systems.
  • an outstanding cushioning effect which offers protection and soaks up jolts and vibrations.
  • lightweight footwear for comfortable walking throughout the day.
  • highly wearable piece of footwear that delivers superior comfort levels.
  • footwear with lights and on/off switch.
  • the single riptape closure and elasticated lacing make it easy to slip on and adjust.
  • the removable footbed is hygienic and pra

Outsole: 100% Synthetic Material
Insole: 100% Textile

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