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Marvel Chartreuse Leather Xplorer

Marvel Chartreuse Leather Xplorer

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Crafted from naturally super soft leather for a vintage look and feel and featuring a rip-tape fastening and scuff resistant suede toe cap the Marvel is a simple design to suit almost every outfit or occasion. Luxurious design features and a classic navy colourway will delight kids learning to walk across the range.

The Bobux Xplorer range is designed for cruising and first steps when your little one hasn't mastered stability, upright-ness or toddling just yet, but with the help of furniture or anything else they can pull themselves up on.

Cruisers are getting closer and closer to becoming little walkers and they need durable infant shoes to support them. With such a monumental task at hand, cruising calls for Xporer stage shoes: Bendier, lighter, tougher infant shoes. Crawling puts extra strain on the top of the shoes, where your little one drags and scuffs their shoes against the ground - so the Bobux Xplorer range is specially designed to be scuff resistant and durable for crawling movements.


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