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Sandy's Beach Hut

Sandy's Beach Hut

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Meet Sandy the Seagull and her family down on the beach where they have inhabited a small beach hut and turned it into a fish and chips stall! Set on 2 bases of plywood that resembles sand, they have foraged 2 seaweed plants, a deck chair, a kettle, a wooden tub of ice cream and a spoon, 3 fish in a dish, a bucket of chips, a fish and chips dinner sign, a sand castle, a piece of rock candy, and a boat made from a folded sheet of newspaper.

Check out Gully the daddy seagull, who has a knitted beanie hat, and a removable rubber ring.

The names of the seagulls are written on their bases, so that these little characters can become part of a story telling adventure.

Perfect for creative storytelling and imaginative play

Suitable for children age 3 years +

Product Dimensions: 27x 25.5 x 17cms

Made From

We use top-quality reclaimed rubberwood in Tender Leaf Toys. It is solid, smooth to the touch and looks lovely, which is why we let the natural wood grain show through in so many of our designs. We also use high grade birch plywood which if left its natural colour will have a matte coating applied to protect it.

All our paint colours are non toxic and so safe for little ones. Our wood is formaldehyde free.

Before any of our designs go into production, they are rigorously tested – we know they are fun to play with, but we have to be sure they are completely safe and durable.


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